Dec. 7, 1993 - March 3, 2008

We dedicate this site to our most beloved German Shepherd Dog, Eli. Eli was an ambassador of the breed, our constant family companion, gentle and kind, smart and courageous. For 14 years he was our best friend and his presence will be with us always.


Sundance Shepherds is our small and controlled breeding program, founded in 1998, from a deep love of the breed. We are constantly seeking to improve upon the dogs we have, by breeding to the best quality animals we can find. We are located in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. Our priorities are:


Our dogs live with us in the house, along with our 2 cats, and they play and patrol outside, keeping a watch over our 2 horses and anyone who might have the nerve to drive by our yard. The dogs have excellent sound temperaments, having been raised from birth with us and around other animals and children. They travel with us and go camping, learn to be around horses, bicycles, motorcycles, and are exposed to as many stimulating, and possibly challenging situations as we can arrange for them. We breed to high quality stud dogs, who also possess a solid and steady temperament. Because of this, the dogs are gentle and watchful enough for therapy work, and courageous enough to become Search and Rescue dogs. Pups from our dogs have what it takes to excel at obedience, herding, sport and the show ring, as well as being wonderful family companions.


Sound body is equally important as sound mind. All of our dogs are in excellent health, produce large boned pups, and are O.F.A. certified (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). We monitor our animals constantly for peak health and keep contact with all new owners as pups go out into the world. Nutrition is a large part of our dogs' health regime, and they thrive on the high quality kibble and raw diet we feed them, along with probiotics and enzymes, and LOTS of raw, meaty bones. Pups are thoroughly checked over by our veterinarian at 8 weeks of age, before they are placed in their new homes.


Our breeding dogs are AKC registered and from mostly European lineage. They have deep pigment of Black and Red, and thick shiny coats. In their pedigrees you will find many VA and V rated dogs. The VA title translates to "Excellent Select" and is the highest title a dog can receive, at the Sieger Show only. The V rating translates to Excellent and is received by the best dogs in preliminary shows leading up to the Sieger Show, which is the best of the best. Dogs cannot receive a V or VA title without first having earned a Schutzhund title. To put a SchH title on a dog means extensive training with an animal who shows intelligence, willingness and courage. With a V or VA title you get the beauty and the brains. As we research and choose dogs for breeding, we select animals that will produce qualities of the Breed Standard, including correct size and balanced structure. To learn more about the Breed Standard click here.